The digital and interactive web-based solution for your vector maps and infographics

Make your static vector maps interactive !

Vective is a great tool that enables everyone to create interactive maps either from predefined templates or directly from their own maps !

Vective uses the vector-based SVG format that enables stunning visual quality at any zoom level, while keeping the size of each file as low as possible.

Vective's editor enables you to create interactive maps or infographics from any SVG file, and add to your website in a few clicks.

Our features :

Load any SVG file, and make it interactive

Vective can load any SVG file you created, or you can make your interactive map based on the provided templates, such as World, Europe or US maps.

Modify each element in real time

The main feature of Vective is the ability to add to each element of your map modifiers, which are triggered by user-defined conditions and affect the element.

Conditions include the hovering of the mouse on the element, selection of the element by a mouse click, and much more.

Some examples of effects on the element are change of color, animation of paths, or even, camera movement.

Stunning timelines

Vective can create timelines, efficiently displaying ever changing informations, such as the current state in a conflict or the movements of a fleet.

Easily export and embed your maps

At any time during your interactive map construction, you can export it and add it to your website in a few seconds.

Try it now !

Vective is 100% free and you are only seconds away from creating your first interactive map. Try now